Our risk assessment and management practices are monitored, implemented and utilized in both the manufacturing process and logistics.

Supply chains are highly complex and are continuously exposed to a variety of internal and external risks. Whether today’s risk assessment techniques can assess tomorrow’s risks can be difficult. We examine manufacturers and shippers risk-assessment strategies, implementation, and evaluations to determine best practices in risk management.

Success in these areas depends largely on successfully reducing risk to acceptable levels and managing the remaining risk. Our clients require and expect architectural specifications and quality standards to exceed all others. They also expect manufacturing timelines to be met and that all products are delivered to the job site on time. Our success will be based on our ability to manage the risks that impact those expectations – and that ability is squarely based on our knowledge.

​GCSource understands these processes from beginning to end – our in-country team oversees production, while our risk management and logistics team ensures the product arrives on time and to specification. ​

GCSource has well established long-term relationships with manufacturers worldwide – We have met, visited, vetted, toured, and tested the manufacturers that will supply our client’s products.

GCSource has been working with logistics, shipping, and customs clearance for over 20 years – We have partnered with several large shipping companies to ensure that our products arrive safe, secure and on time from the manufacturer to the job site.

We provide communication and documentation throughout the entire process with the details our clients need to be well-informed.