Manufacturer Qualification

GCSource’s Manufacturer qualification is the qualification of manufacturing and production processes to confirm they are able to operate at a certain standard during sustained commercial manufacturing. This process is required for all existing and new manufacturers. Only after process qualification has been completed can the manufacturing process begin production for our commercial customers. Existing suppliers will gradually be qualified retroactively with regard to our Supplier Qualification requirements.  After having fulfilled a number of basic business criteria, companies that we partner with must meet certain minimum economic, environmental and social performance standards by completing qualification modules. Supplier Qualification is a cross-functional process which is driven by our corporate offices. Officers from GCSource travel worldwide to meet manufacturers personally, conduct interviews, acquire the necessary documentation, inspect manufacturing facilities and establish logistics.

Product Inspections and Quality Assurance

GCSource works diligently with developers and contractors on their specific requirements and specifications. Throughout the manufacturing process QA standards are implemented and checked. When production is complete, products are prepared for shipping based on GCSource’s required standards to insure that they are properly packed and wrapped to avoid any damages during the shipping process. Containers are inspected at the facility prior to and after being loaded. Documentation on this process is forwarded to our corporate offices, reviewed and forwarded to our client. Once the container arrives to your job site or warehouse, it is opened and inspected by GCSource personnel and your staff.