Global Sourcing is the process of sourcing goods and services from the international market across geopolitical boundaries. It aims to exploit global efficiencies such as lower cost skilled labor, cheaper raw materials and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs.

Strategic Sourcing is an approach to supply chain management that formalizes the way information is gathered and used so that a developer and/or contractor can leverage its consolidated purchasing power to find the best possible values for goods and building materials.

GCSource works directly with developers, builders, general contractors, sub- contractors, architects and project managers to clearly understand their requirements and specifications.

Strategically sourced materials from GCSource can reduce costs by 24% to 58% when compared to sourcing materials from other suppliers and distributors.

  • Global & Strategic Sourcing of building products & materials.
  • One-Stop Shop covering 90% of any product line required.
  • High quality products/materials that meet/exceed US and Customer standards/specifications.
  • Container delivery directly from the manufacturer to job site.
  • Logistics based on construction installation schedule(s).