For centuries, construction has been a recognized driver of the USA economy, but its impact in the modern era has been nothing short of astounding. New technologies and innovations have changed the client experience at every level, making the specialist subcontractor and niche vendor big players in the industry. This backdrop, nonetheless, is of little comfort when looking for a way to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic that’s disrupted commercial and social activity in every country on every continent in the world.


Let’s get one thing out of the way from the outset – no one can predict COVID-19’s full impact at this stage of events. We are on a rollercoaster ride like never before, and there’s a sense of panic – mostly in healthcare quarters and hospitals. There’s a rush to accumulate respirators and accommodate a predictable deluge of critically ill patients.

A new look at Risk


Developers and construction contractors are no strangers to risk. They deal routinely with extreme weather changes, labor shortages, tariff imposition, skill gaps, and business ebbs & flows. Natural nerve energy is in our DNA, so we are confident that level-headedness will rule with COVID-19 as well.


Anxiety is on everyone’s minds, as demonstrated by the infographic below, issued by the Construction Dive Survey conducted recently.



Construction Dive survey from numerous “per person” responses


As a result, smart construction operators have taken their foot off the accelerator. Right now, there’s no other tactic that makes sense. The first order of the day, of course, is to do everything we can to protect the health and safety of our employees. That’s a given, not only for construction but for every sector of the economy. Retailers, factories, airlines, hospitality – they’re all feeling it right where it hurts most – in their human resource pool. The challenges are coming at us fast and furiously as emergency protocols and containment areas like NYC and New Rochelle are in news headlines every hour. It’s no secret that public transportation and schools are closing down left, right, and center.


Frankly, it doesn’t take much to throw a spanner in the construction works. Mechanical and electrical specialist subcontractors, for instance, moving in and out of projects generally dictate the pace of projects as a whole. Take them out of the picture as a reliable backup, and site activity may come to a virtual standstill.

Looking ahead with caution and a little optimism


The economic pause created by COVID-19 is a time to reflect on the next crucial moves that will make your construction project more profitable and meet the needs of future occupants in a better way. After all, isn’t that the sign of staying one step ahead of the competition so that you are always a long-term construction consideration? We predict the following:


  1. A sharp falloff in the production of vital construction materials like steel, stone, millwork, and plumbing – factors that keep a construction project on budget and on a strict timeline.
  2. Slower project completions
  3. The pressure of rising prices from all sides of the business.


A good example: Toll Brothers, one of the country’s premier builders, announced only last week that a number of their home constructions in California are coming to a standstill because of shortages in lighting fixtures and small appliances. We believe this is only the tip of a massive iceberg that general contractors and developers must cross today.


What’s the smart money doing at the moment?


They’re thinking five moves ahead on the economic chessboard, that’s what. Do your homework on every front to find reliable suppliers in the USA able to seamlessly address supply chain interruptions at pricing that makes sense. It’ll pay big dividends down the line. Think outside of the box and, more than ever, respect innovative resources. In short, replace traditional, stodgy vendors that no longer fit the bill when the chips are down (as they now surely are).


As a case in point, we found a supplier that can make an enormous difference to your business – Global Construction Source (often referred to as GCSource.) In these difficult times, they are everything forward thinkers are looking for. The company focuses mainly on multi-family, senior living, and hotel projects. Our researchers tell us that the expert team in GCSource demonstrates the ability to:


  • Reduce your costs over a broad range of products by up to 54% – without compromising the highest standards of quality.
  • Add significant unexpected benefits.
  • Supply fundamental construction materials like all types of flooring, wall tile, vinyl wall base, stair treads & risers, building glass, windows, bathroom mirrors, and much more.


Here’s the thing, management in GCSource rejects the traditional route – one that says installers are installers and suppliers mustn’t cross that line. Well, this company does, with access to over five hundred cutting-edge manufacturers. What’s more, they guarantee you nothing but the most professional job from beginning to end.


Construction packages like this resonate with developers, general contractors, and real estate owners rollicked from side to side by COVID-19. GCSource’s central message is that it can make your life substantially more manageable with a one-stop service that goes the extra mile no matter what the circumstances. Even with significant price reduction baked into its offer, there are no shortcuts – a fact that never fails to impress astute clients.