Global Construction Source (“GCSource”) was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to offer our 20 years of experience in the global manufacturing, logistics, and construction industries to medium and large developers, builders, general contractors, and sub-contractors and to provide them with a more cost-effective way to leverage their buying power and reduce their overall construction costs.

We source construction materials directly from manufacturers globally and have a full and ever-expanding line(s) of building and construction materials (over 20 product categories and over 4,000 items). We eliminate the need to work with many different importers, distributors and retailers by providing a “one-stop” shop for over 90% of your requirements.

By consolidating much of the supply chain in this manner, we have consistently been able to reduce client costs by 24% to 58% when compared to prices offered by local distributors.

GCSource has direct connections with over 500 manufacturers worldwide. We work with your team on product selection, requirements and specifications. Manufacturing and production can be cyclical based on time of year or even the season. Once your requirements are agreed upon we work with your team to adjust timelines accordingly.

GCSource will handle all of the logistics. We deliver all building material from manufacturers directly to your job sites or warehouse based on your production and installation schedules.